大家還記得和你們分享過有關頂尖科技人才的招募策略嗎?回帶你們看看part 2!


4. Offer Referral Incentives to Current Employees

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I go straight to my top tech employees and tell them that if they get a friend or someone good to work for us, they get a $10,000 bonus. We literally hand them a check the day they start working.

This has driven us some of the top tech talent in the world. If they know they are taken care of and they enjoy working with you, they will refer only the best people to your company. – John RamptonHost



(23) Referral KK[rɪˋfɝəl] n. 名詞 推薦;介紹;指點

(24) Incentive KK[ɪnˋsɛntɪv] n. 名詞 刺激;鼓勵;動機[U][C][(+to)][+to-v]

(25) Literally KK [ˋlɪtərəlɪ] ad. 副詞 實在地,不加誇張地


5. Make a Facebook Status

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My co-founders and our CTO all come from tech backgrounds, so many of our Facebook friends are fellow techies and engineers. After we post our Facebook status message stating that we’re hiring an engineer, many of our friends will repost it on their wall or tag their engineer friends in the comment section.

We love hiring through our own network because it’s basically free and we can gather references quickly. – Nanxi LiuEnplug



(26) CTO:Chief  Technology Officer,技術總監

(27) Fellow  KK [ˋfɛlo] a.  同伴的;同事的;同類的[B]

(28) Techie KK [ˋtɛki] n.  熱衷(或精通)電子學的電子迷;高科技專家


6. Go Local

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We’ve tried a plethora of job boards with little success filtering through the noise. It wasn’t until we realized that there was loads of talent right on our doorstep that we began to find success with hiring.


(29) A plethora of :過多

(30) Loads of :【口】大量,許多,一大堆

(31) On our doorstep:very near to where someone lives

We now completely brand our business as an Oklahoma City-based start-up, making all of the local talent aware and excited about what we are doing. This has led to great developers nearly knocking our doors down in order to land a position. – James SimpsonGoldFire Studios


(32) Oklahoma KK[͵okləˋhomə] 美國俄克拉荷馬州

(33) Start-up KK [ˋstɑrt͵ʌp]  n. 新運作的公司

(34) Land a position:to find a job and be hired


7. Put the Word Out to Your Network

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I let everyone in my start-up ecosystem know — from my employees to business partners and vendors. Word-of-mouth advertising is extremely cost-effective, and employee referrals are often the most valuable. – David EhrenbergEarly Growth Financial Services


(35) Put the word out:to tell people a new piece of news

(36) Ecosystem KK[ˋɛko͵sɪstəm] n. 生態系統

(37) Word-of-mouth KK[ˋwɝdəvˋmaʊθ]a.  口頭的;口述的;口傳的

(38) Cost-effective KK[ˋkɑstəˋfɛktɪv]a. 開銷適當的;有成本效益的;劃算的


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